Total Circulating supply of Everace tokens: 100.000.000 (100 Millions)


PRIVATE (25%): Everace Private turn for project incubation. All tokens distributed at TGE. Fix price of 0.001 USDT per everace token

INITIAL POOL OFFERING (15%): Price per token 0.0012 USDT, 1% buy/sell fee shared among all liquidity providers. All tokens distributed at TGE. Bonus commission shared among all Liquidity providers.

LIQUIDITY (12%): Everace tokens in balance with USDT on DEX. Starting price at TGE: 0.0015 USDT

RESERVES (8 %): Lock 6 months, then released under governance. Most probably, the wallet will be used to propose a bridge with a blockchain as Solana, Binance or Base.

MARKETING (10%): The wallet is used exclusively for Everace token promotion. Release 10% every 2 months.

REWARDS (15%): This wallet will be used to promote Everace game through Competitions, to highlight the Game ecosystem and encourage players to join Everace. Release 10% every 2 months.

PARTNERSHIPS (15%): smart contracts signed with partners engaging on game implementations.

Token Generation Event price: 0.0015 USDT the day Everace token is live in DEX.

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