Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Antoine Garet. Mountain lover and crypto enthusiast, deeply passionate about blockchain gaming as a future asset for the ecosystem. Antoine will be in charge of overall project direction, making sure players enjoy the game and real cleaning campaigns are conducted in a proper way.

Project Manager: Benjamin Monnet-Bouvier. Born of a mountaineers family, as an empowering guide, "@Benj D'Amour" acquainted thousands of people with Himalayas and its cultures. Consulting mainly in Nepal, though entrepreneur on different continents, he is an X-Factor. He will be mainly responsible of Everace promotion, daily activities and environmental impact.

Chief Game Developer: William Rah. Unity developer and programmer in charge of Everace game. His mission will be to propose a nice climbing simulation with blockchain implementation. The overall idea is to release a blockchain climbing game with a fair ecosystem and a very pleasant experience.

Chief Smart Contract Builder: Asmit Bhantana. Web 3 designer and blockchain developer from 2017. Asmit has been in charge of our website and shown his high level of dedication and his web3 skills. Hard working, very used to Blockchain language, he will be our main blockchain developer.

Game Designer: Ian de La Forcade. Software engineer passionate by designing a web 3.0 product. Ian is in charge of designing the Everace game to result of a perfect balance between available technology and blockchain game expectation. His high level of creativity is definitely a plus point for the Everace gaming project

Cleaning Campaign International Partner: Christophe Abbou. Treks Organizer from 1998 exclusively in Nepal, already involved in many social projects in Himalaya. Christophe will be in charge of logistics operations on Everest region regarding our cleaning campaigns. His passion about Nepal, as well as his perfect Nepali language will make surer the cleaning campaigns are respecting community expectations.

Cleaning Campaign Local Partner: Pasang Kaji Sherpa. Multi summiteer (Island Peak records summiteer with 253 ascents), Pasang knows very much Solokhumbu region and will be very helpful to coordinate our cleaning campaigns in Everest region. Pasang will be assistant of Christophe to conduct cleaning campaigns on Himalaya.

Official Brand Ambassador: Guy Cotter. Accomplished mountaineer who climbed Everest five times and ascended many of the world’s highest peaks, was key advisor in the production of the 2015 film "Everest". Guy Cotter is a legend in Everest history and it is a great honor that he accepted to be our ambassador.

Media Representative: Tanguy Dai. French YouTuber with his videos @nepalitanguydai, Tanguy shares his discoveries of Nepal. He will be filming the Everace cleaning campaigns in the Everest region. Everace is huge fan of his work, showing the cultural aspects of Nepal in a classy and poetic way, congratulations Tanguy Dai!

Contents editor: Sonia JM - Responsible for overseeing outreach and managing social media marketing efforts on Facebook to promote the blockchain game Everace. Launched the page in mid-June 2023, achieving positive metrics (as of Aug 10), including a 30K+ Reach and an increasing level of Engagement. Sonia will check our official posts before publishing, guaranteeing high quality posts.

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