The operation of an RNG (Random Number Generator) system is to introduce random factors into the game. Our algorithm will be available either in our smart contract or open-source. In the context of dynamic NFTs, this can be used to determine the results of drawings for competition. The interest for the player is to create an unpredictable and exciting gaming environment where any action can potentially lead to rare and unique rewards. This encourages players to continue playing and exploring all available options in the game. Furthermore, the RNG system can also help maintain a certain balance in the game by avoiding favoring players who spend a lot of money on the game. Ultimately, the RNG system must be designed to create a fair and engaging gaming experience for all players, regardless of their ability or level of engagement.

On Everace Game, RNG concerns:

  1. Climber's shape of the day (on fire / good / normal / bad / sick)

  2. Unforeseen weather conditions (sunny / rainy / snowy / storm)

  3. Unforeseen natural elements (avalanche, landslide, rock fall)

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