Our features

  • The Climber NFT: players can collect unique dynamic NFT climbers and evolve them over time based on their participation in events and achievements in the game. Climbers have dynamic statistics that change based on their participation in the Climbing Center.

  • Static NFTs: players can use static NFTs to customize their gaming experience and to get in-game advantages such as statistic bonuses. They will also be able to win them through some events or through the gatcha system.

  • The marketplace: players can buy, trade, transfer, rent and sell static NFTs on Everace's integrated marketplace. All transactions on our marketplace will be made in EVER tokens and the gas fee will be paid in the blockchain coin on which the smart contract will be deployed.

  • The RNG system: Everace's RNG system is transparent and fair, offering players a chance to win rare and unique rewards.

  • Our business model: players can earn real money by participating in races and events in the game. Rewards are funded by players themselves, who bet money to participate.

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