The player can choose to participate from the COMPETITION registration page. They only have access to the mountains they have unlocked from the ascent section. From the selection section of the races, they can filter by mountain, date, race conditions, and entrance fee.

  • Weather: Sunny with low wind

  • Risks: Rock Fall & Snow Storm

  • Prize pool 1800 EVER (95% of total pot for players, 5% for cleaning project)

  • 1200 EVER for 1st; 510 EVER for 2nd; 90 EVER for Cleaning project

Integrating pre-race parameters encourages having several NFTs so that the player can be optimal in all types of situations. The race does not start until the required number of players is reached. Players will be refunded if the number of players is not reached once the scheduled time has passed.

The player bets a starting amount to participate in the race. After selecting their NFTs to equip on their dNFT, the race begins. Once the race starts, there is no interaction possible for the player. Each Climber via statistics and NFT has a weight. Some penalties can be triggered randomly for one or more Climbers. These penalties will reduce their weight. Once all the parameters are acquired, we launch the controlled RNG algorithm.

The game will display a visual effect of races with the x dNFTs climbing the mountain. If a penalty has been activated, such as an avalanche, it will be visible in the animation.

Possible Post-Race Penalties

  • Injured Climber = 1 week of penalties. (should be extremely rare)

After the race, the winner is announced, and EVER tokens are transferred to their wallet. The cool-down of climbers is activated.

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